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I am an animator and educator who has been living and working in NYC since 1996.

I have collaborated with many local artists and activists, curated art shows, served the LGBTQ+ community working both in NYC nightlife and the non-profit world.

My own experience as a transgender man, counseling youth at risk, and advocating for

gender expansive youth and their families, has helped shape my artist mission profoundly.

The content I make is designed to generate a much needed, fresh perspective, highlighting some

of the uplifting, healthy and liberating aspects of the queer experience. As well as, to spark up conversation around LGBTQ+ topics in a fun and affirming way. 

After 33 years living as a female, I transitioned and now use male pronouns.

In 2010, I created Sez Me in response to the large volume of questions I received regarding my identity, at a time when the discussion about gender and pronouns wasn’t as prominent.

Sez Me captures unscripted interviews with children from all backgrounds, hosted by a drag queen and cartoon characters.

This is the LGBTQ+ show for the whole family, I wish was available to me as a child.

By introducing genuine dialogue between kids and LGBTQ+ adults, Sez Me was one of the first to challenge the stigma around a fragile matter we are still facing today.

The project evolved into a multidisciplinary educational program for all ages.

Most recently I teamed up with Drag Queen Story Hour who published The Dragtivity Book,

an activity book about drag I wrote and illustrated for children.

Sez Me holds creative workshops and presentations for professionals, families and youth, with topics ranging from gender fluidity and sensitivity in the classroom to Drag workshops.

 What to expect from a Sez Me workshop?

I incorporate amusing excerpts from Sez Me to tell my personal transition story, and demonstrate how to utilize the show as an educational tool to promote inclusivity and acceptance.

Sez Me’s motto is ‘Therz so many ways to be’. It’s important for me to create a safe nonjudgemental space for participants to engage in discussion, bring up pressing questions, obtain clarity and perhaps disperse old myths. We will address LGBTQ+ topics such as-- gender identity, gender fluidity, stereotypes, pronouns, being an ally, positive mentors, alternative families and more.

Followed by a Q&A. 

The workshops can be tailored for your specific needs. Duration 45min to an hour.

previous presentations

I have presented at Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Uniondocs, Gender Conference East, Mcgarrybowen, LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum Conference in support of the New York City Department of Education, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, LA LAW Women in Social Justice Conference, Urban Academy Laboratory High School, LGBT Consortium Curriculum Group, History UnErased Summer Institute, Northern Essex Community College, WOW theater, Irish Arts center, Tiltan School of Design, LGBTQ Writers in Schools GSA Summit, Yeshiva University, Abrons Arts Center

and NYC classrooms. 


Sez Me & Urban Youth Theater

"People Say" is a Public Service Announcement created by Urban Youth Theater with Sez Me. This is a product of a collaborative effort to send an affirmative message to our young selves.

Urban Youth Theater Ensemble is a laboratory for teens at Abrons Arts Center. Each year the company performs a season of originally devised works and re-interpretations of classical texts. Working under the direction of New York City-based directors, writers, and designers, UYT gives young performers the opportunity to participate in a pre-professional company. Participants must be dedicated, respectful of each other’s ideas, and willing to take artistic risks.


Sez Me & Urban Academy

In 2014, we crafted a curriculum centered on the essence of drag performance at NYC’s Urban Academy Intensive Spring Workshop. Students engaged in heated discussions about cross-dressing, political correctness, gender identity, and racism. To translate the political to the personal, we helped provide a safe space for students to explore their own “alter egos.”


We went on a field trip to the Brooklyn Museum’s installation of fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier and were accompanied by supermodel, Eve Salvail.  The workshop culminated in a live theater showcase at WOW Theater. A host of local drag queens volunteered to be stylists.  Working across multiple platforms: video, audio, lighting, makeup, and costume design, allowed everyone to showcase their talents behind the scenes and on the stage.


Sez Me & Urban Youth Theater

Watch the extravaganza as Urban Youth Theater takes the stage, as fierce alter egos. Prepare to be wowed, proud, and loud! Directed by artists Mor Erlich and Jeff Marras, the Sez Me Drag Workshop is designed to examine Drag Art as a creative outlet, a means of self-exploration, and a way to make cultural statements.

Drag Royalty
MC Frozen Gold - Gabriel Cubero Albisa
Melanicious - Nyla Russel
Andie - Quinn Kempe
Reina de Oro - Yasmeen Vargas
ACE - Lyla McAdams 
Coco Pencil - Taylor Gamble
The Matrice - Gustavo Valdes
Blondie Bear - Angelica Jacobs
Caramel Thunder - Gareth Tupper
Unicorn Kiss - Jania Russell
Chocolate Thunder - Armani Henry

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