Mor Erlich

NLP Practitioner


(646) 991-0678

Available via phone or zoom

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What is NLP? 

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is a transformative self development method that helps you generate desired results in a short amount of time, recognizing  and adapting to each person and their individual nature. NLP utilizes your own internal resources to create unique pathways to change, realize your potential and fulfill future goals. Sessions with me allow for a safe, neutral and discreet space for you to notice, observe and direct your state of consciousness in order to gain clarity and feel grounded.

Therapy and NLP coaching are different, but compliment each other. Coaching focuses on helping you update your 'operating system' and achieve your future goals. Psychotherapy focuses on processing the past and present. Coaching get fast results because it’s more directive, while psychotherapy often requires a long term relationship.

NLP can help you:

-Navigate challenges in relationships

-Improve sleeping patterns

-Learn about your behaviors

-Correct unwanted behaviors

-Overcome phobia

-Negotiate through conflict

-Become unstuck

Types of Sessions

Working With the Subconscious

Connecting with different sides of yourself, and noticing different behaviors and working with them.


Using a Conscious Technique

Playful exercises that help process challenges with self awareness.

Skill Building

Learn specific NLP techniques to assist and coach a loved one, in particular situations.

About Me

I am a public speaker and multidisciplinary educator My experience working with diverse groups in NYC gave me the ability to customize my coaching to the individual.

Certified by The NLP Center of New York.
Licensed by NYC health department for Health and Mental Hygiene.

Fluent in Hebrew and English.