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Mor Erlich

Mor Erlich is an openly trans visual artist, and the creator of Sez Me. Since relocating to New York City from Israel in 1996, Mor has steadily created collaborations in animation shorts, music videos, and films dedicated to highlighting social issues and political undercurrents. For two years Mor worked with homeless LGBT teens at the Ali Forney Center as a youth counselor. He has continued his advocacy work promoting trans visibility and gender fluidity through presentations on inclusiveness and drag workshops with youth in the NYC area.

Charmin Ultra / Jeff Marras

Charmin Ultra / Jeff Marras is a choreographer and performance artist from Akron, Ohio. Since creating his alter ego, Charmin Ultra, in 2008 he has produced and performed numerous original cabaret shows in Ohio, New York City, and Los Angeles. In 2012, Jeff began collaborating with Mor Erlich and Lee Frisari to create Sez Me, as the show's on camera host. He currently resides in Los Angeles and is working with Fugitive Kind Theater as a performer and choreographer.  

Lee Frisari

Lee Frisari is a composer, writer and educator born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Lee helped launch Sez Me in 2012 as a multi-faceted force: grant writer, musician, voice-over artists and content creator. As a musician and educator, Lee has performed and taught worldwide. He can be found playing the drums with various ensembles, including NY’s very own Circus Amok. Lee created drum web series called Brooklyn Bike Beat, practices drum meditation and the martial arts.

Yula Be'eri

NYC's local powerhouse musician. Yula created the soundtrack for for Ep. 6 'Sez Ronnie!', the music for 'The Drag Special' and the The Sez Me Theme Song Soul Rendition.

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