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About Sez me

Sez Me began as an LGBT web series for kids and evolved into a multidisciplinary educational program for all ages. Created by animator Mor Erlich, and hosted by Jeff Marras AKA Charmin Ultra, Sez Me captures unscripted interviews with children from all backgrounds.


We hand our child guest stars the iconic Sez Me microphone and allow them to ask any question. We make their unique voice heard, and let them take us on a fun journey into their world. With our beloved shapeshifting spokescreature Hello Mellow, and appearances by LGBTQ artists and mentors,

Sez Me delivers affirming, uplifting, colorful and educational entertainment for the whole family! A great tool to engage all people in conversation about Gender and identity. This is the show we wish we could have watched when we were kids!


Sez Me holds creative workshops and presentations for professionals, families and youth, with topics ranging from gender fluidity and sensitivity in the classroom to Drag workshops. We have presented at Brooklyn Children's Museum, Uniondocs, Gender Conference East, LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum Conference in support of the New York City Department of Education, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, LA LAW Women in Social Justice Conference, Urban Academy Laboratory High School, LGBT Consortium Curriculum Group, History UnErased Summer Institute, Northern Essex Community College, WOW theater, Tiltan School of Design, Yeshiva University, Abrons Arts Center and NYC classrooms.

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